Success Stories


Beau has been extremely helpful in being  someone who can see things in an unbiased manner and expose points of view that might not have been seen otherwise. Additionally he has helped me find answers for myself rather than make suggestions purely based on his own opinions.


Jared MacArther
US Sprint Kayak National Team

While working with Beau, I had the highest scoring season of my collegiate hockey career. The techniques he provided helped curb my anxiety prior to performance allowing me to stay focused while playing my games.

Tony BrunoUniversity of Central Florida Ice Hockey

As an athlete who had serious struggles with race anxiety, I can attest that Beau has had a large influence on my positive results. As my sports psychology consultant, he has helped me become a more successful athlete. From burnout to working through difficult situations, he has given me the ability to stay focused on my goals and athletic career. While working with Beau, it is very clear that he has the best intentions for me as a person and athlete and has a genuine desire for me to succeed. I would greatly recommend him to other athletes, regardless of sport. He has the tools and expertise to help with a wide variety of sports-related problems.

Austin SchwinnUS National Team Athlete - Canoe/Kayak

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