Injury Recovery
Injury Recovery

Injury is, unfortunately, a part of the journey for most athletes. Healing an injury is just as much mental as it is physical. The road to recovery begins the moment the injury occurs and, with proper education, goal-setting, and psychological support, injury will be a success story for you.

Personal Support

Any injury can be devastating for an athlete. Having an opportunity to work closely with someone who can provide mental toughness training is paramount to proper recovery. Whether the injury is minor or career-ending, having a support system is crucial.


Setting goals that are attainable will allow you to recover at a pace that suits your medical plan best. Making sure you are allowing yourself to heal properly can be tricky and can lead to permanent injury if focus is lost. My goal-setting plan is simple yet very effective and will provide you with the tools necessary to recover from your injury and make sure your confidence remains in tact.

Health Coaching

One-on-one health coaching is key to changing behaviors and proper injury recovery. Knowing that you can speak with someone who can provide step-by-step assistance in a confidential environment gives you the opportunity to talk about your process while on your journey. I will provide an environment that is conducive to your needs specifically to maximize your success.